All the advantages of private one-on-one instruction without the added time and logistics of commuting.

Online learning has become the new standard by necessity, but with the technology available and the necessary expertise from a teacher, it can be a real alternative to in-person teaching.

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Dr. Schaumkell

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Advantages of Online Study

  • Staying in the comfort of your own home during lessons

  • Playing on an instrument you are familiar with

  • Being able to warm up right until your lesson time

  • Teacher and student each have their own instrument, and the student can see the teacher’s hands up close at all times via the overhead camera

  • Study with us from anywhere in the world.

  • We will work out scheduling to fit your Timezone.


Equipment Needed

  • Acoustic or digital piano with a full 88 key keyboard

  • At least one device with a front facing camera: ideally a laptop or tablet; phones can work, though a larger screen provides a better experience for the student

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Technical Requirements

  • A strong internet connection: ideally a broadband connection with a recommended minimum download and upload speed of 10 Mps.  The higher the bandwidth, the more stable the audio and video connection. You can test your network bandwidth at speedtest.net

  • The built-in speakers and microphone on your device will suffice. For higher quality, I recommend an external microphone and a professional headset or external speaker.

  • For very advanced students, I recommend recording and sending a video of your performance prior to the lessons to ensure that subtleties are not lost. If you are interested in investing in higher quality equipment, I will be able to suggest options depending on your budget and individual needs.

  • I recommend using zoom (where we can offer multiple camera angles and screen-share amongst many other functions), but are able to teach via other platforms such as Skype and Facetime.

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  • Lessons start at $50, with options for 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute lessons.

  • Payment in Euros is also possible, please contact me for details.

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